Saturday, April 16, 2011

The princess in me...

Only a week and six days to the royal wedding, the atmosphere is filled with joy and excitement of what the day will be. It makes me wonder what it feels like to be in Kate Middleton shoes, and how gracefully she will fill them. Sadly I won't be able watch the beautiful day but will catch up with the re-run.
Being a princess is more than a title, it's a state of the mind. Being a princess is about the grace at which you treat everyone around you and the grace at which you treat yourself too. I believe everyone can be a princess we just have to look within.
I grew up watching Disney movies and I fell in love with the princess life and more importantly the happily ever afters. Now that am grown I still believe in happily ever afters but I know I have to do the work to make it happen. So I put this out to you, you can be a princess, you can live the happily ever afters but you must make it happen. You alone are the the captain of your life.

Truly, Dammie...

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